Super Effective is a new technology venture in Beijing, China focused on creating innovative mobile products for China and the world. We endeavor to build software that supports authentic human expression and helps people live better lives.


Daniel J CEO
Daniel is the Founder of Super Effective. American born, European raised and Asia experienced, Daniel is passionate about connecting the world. When he's not building software, he enjoys traveling, riding motorcycles and stuffing his face with local delicacies.

Daniel J

Jin Y Architect
Jin is always pushing the limits of system performance. Obsessed with large-scale systems, he built the entire backend for one of China's most popular online games (QQ抢车位 - 340MM Users). He enjoys building Android apps in his spare time - just for the fun of it!

Jin Y

Larry Z Engineer
Larry rapidly picks up and leverages new technology like it's child's-play. You'll find his past work in use by some of China's largest airlines and banks. Other than pumping out high-quality code, Larry enjoys playing video games, break-dancing and pretending not to be picky about food.

Larry Z

Neil W Designer
Neil is obsessed with HCI and UX Design. Besides leading mobile design (prev. for global brands such as Vodafone and Blackberry), Neil also enjoys designing t-shirts and other company schwag. Although he seems like a nice guy at first, he loves nothing more than making jokes at your expense once he gets to know you.

Neil W

Faye D Admin
Faye manages the office and keeps us all working at our best. With deep experience supporting high-maintenance foreign executives, we'll probably never know know everything she is capable of. Faye likes her coffee hot, her water bubbly and her clothes designer.

Faye D

Our team is united in the pursuit of making technology more human.
As a start-up, everyone is considered an owner and encouraged to contribute on every level.

We're always looking for passionate and talented professionals to join our team.

We believe in moving fast, staying hungry, having fun and building for the future we want!


Please feel free to get in touch:

+86 010 6521 0692

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